Microware Ezcap286 Video Recorder, SDI/HDMI Video Record from TV, Gameplay, Endoscope, Support HDMI/SDI Pass Through

Microware Ezcap286 Video Recorder, SDI/HDMI Video Record from TV, Gameplay, Endoscope, Support HDMI/SDI Pass Through

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  • ONE Click to Start Recording: ezcap286 SDI HDMI Recorder includes SDI and HDMI inputs. It will detective the input source automatically, and also own the video source switch between SDI and HDMI. You still can choose SDI or HDMI
  • User can know which source input through the status indicator on the panel. ezcap286 SDI HDMI Recorder has SDI and HDMI pass-through, connect to SDI or HDMI monitor for preview. Only one click, records SDI or HDMI video at 1080p resolution, save in USB host or SD card directly, no computer required!
  • Rich interface for a variety of industrial applications: For industrial professional applications, ezcap286 SDI HDMI Recorder includes rich interface. SDI and HDMI HD video sources, USB host and SD card storages, SDI and HDMI pass-through, Foot pandel for video recording, LINE OUT for connecting to speaker or earphone, IR port with IR extension cable can adapt operation of different environments. Even user can connect to microphone to mix commentaries with video together.
  • Special Offer: Connect to PC, working as an USB capture card: We developed the windows driver for ezcap286 SDI HDMI Recorder, and make it as an USB HD capture card. It can connect to comptuer and work with OBS professional video capture and stream software.
  • FEATURE: Capture SDI or HDMI video in USB host or SD card, up to 1080p resolution. Record your voice with video together by Microphone input. With 1080P60 HDMI pass-through or/and SDI loop-through. With footswitch port. With Line OUT to connect speaker or earphone. Supports image snapshot with control. Supports video source selection with control. Supports recording resolution selection. Connect to PC to work as an USB video capture card with OBS.


Ezcap 286 1080P SDI HD 3G Video Capture Card H.264 Pro HD Recorder Box, USB SD Disk SDI HD Encoder

*Record 1080P video to USB disk ,HDD or SD Card directly.
*Supports HDMI,SDI input, HDMI/SDI Pass through.
*Support Line audio out and RTC(Real Time Clock) function.
*With control-REC/STOP, Video Source and record quality switch, snapshot.
*Support PC recording (Record and stream the video by software).
*Encode: Hardware H.264 encoder, AAC Stereo.
*Record format:MPEG4.
*Record Quality:Max:18Mbps@1080P 30fps.
*With Foot Switch slot, can control recording by foot pedal.
It with a expand cable, so can set the device inside a metal case and can control it at same time.

HDMI: Industry HD Camera, HD Medical endoscope, TV, Gameplay, etc.
SDI: HD Camera, HD Medical endoscope.
Note: HDCP Contents cannot be recorded.
Codec: Hardware H.264 encoder
Storage Media: USB Flash Drive, Portable Hard disk, SD Card.(The ex FAT format is not supported)

Input/Pass-through: 720×480 (60p),720×576 (50p),1280x720p (50p), 1280x720p(60p),1920×1080(50i),1920×1080(60i),1920×1080(24p),1920×1080(25p), 1920×1080 (30p),1920×1080(50p),1920×1080(60p)

Capture: 720×480 (60p),720×576(50p),1280x720p(50p),
1280x720p(60p),1920×1080(50i),1920×1080(60i),1920×1080(24p),1920×1080(25p), 1920×1080(30p),1920×1080(25p),1920×1080(30p)

Note: Upscaling is not supported.

Record format: Video H.264, Audio: AAC Stereo
Record quality:Max:18Mbps@1080P 30fps
Record file:Max:2GB per file, with RTC(Real Time clock)
Record place: MAX:140MB/Minute,8.4GB/Hour.
Power supply: DC12V/3A

Package Include:
1*ezcap286 SDI/HDMI Video Capture
1*D C Adapter(12V3A)
1*Expand cable
1*Software CD
1*User Manual

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 cm


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