Microware Auto Scaler AV to HDMI Composite Mini Converter.

Microware Auto Scaler AV to HDMI Composite Mini Converter.

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  • Up-scales AV to HDMI 1080p format. Stereo audio is integrated into HDMI out as well as pass through 3.5mm audio output.


  • HDMI output is optional at 720p/60HZ or 1080p/60HZ. Automatic lip-sync ensures audio video synchronization.


  • Settings of input signal and output resolution is auto-stored when power on again.


  • Transmit audio & video simultaneously with no along. Provide advanced signal processing with great precision, colors and resolutions. Converts analog input to HDMI 1080p (60HZ) output.


  • Input video signal – NTSC/PAL is automatically detected and adjusted.


Composite 3 RCA AV CVBS to HDMI Video Converter Adapter 720p 1080p Auto Scaler.

If you want to use your DVD, VCR, camcorder, or game system with RCA outputs with your new HDTV or HDMI monitor, this converter may be what you need.

Simply plug standard composite AV cables (yellow, red, and white) into the input port of the converter, and then connect an HDMI cable from the converter to your TV.

Enjoy a practical and simple addition to your AV system with this little device, which is easily concealable yet capable of delivering clear, high-definition images.

This converter works great with either 720p or 1080p TVs, and the output mode is easily selectable with a switch on the device.

This converter’s advanced processing IC allows you to get the clearest picture quality possible with optimal color and detail reproduction.

Both video and audio are integrated into the HDMI output, providing an all-digital, one-cable solution to your HDTV or monitor.

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1 review for Microware Auto Scaler AV to HDMI Composite Mini Converter.

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rajesh kumawat

    Works as per the description.

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